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Topic: Adoption

When a family or individuals choose to adopt a child, they must undergo the go through the proper channels and follow the proper steps according to Florida law. While the adoption of a child can be a very complex and drawn out process, achieving a successful adoption and bringing a child into your family is extremely rewarding.

If you are considering adoption a child, seeking the legal advice and representation of experienced legal counsel may be beneficial in ensuring you are able to navigate the adoption process and address any obstacle immediately which may arise along the way.

In the event of a successful Adoption, the child legally becomes part of the family, creating a legal relationship, just as if the child had been biologically born to the adoptive parents.

Perspective adoptive parents may choose to adopt a child for various reasons, including, but not limited to:

  • Bringing a child into their lives when they are unable to biologically do so;
  • Provide love and better future for a child who is less fortunate in their current situation;
  • To provide the essential need, care and love to a child with special needs;
  • In the event of the untimely death of both of a child's parents;
  • To provide additional stability in a family in which the biological father relinquishes his parental rights, and the step-father is willing to legally assume the responsibility, with both the mother and biological father consent.

In the State of Florida, when the adoptive parent is a blood relative, or the spouse of the biological parent of the child, baring unforeseen complications or legal disputes by other family members, the adoption of a child by a relative is typically a much easier process than that of an adoption of a child who is not related.

Under Florida Law, an Adoption by a relative involves the relationship between:

  • The Child and their Aunt and/or Uncle;
  • The Child and their Grandparents;
  • The Child and their Step-Parent (when the biological parent legally consents to giving up all parental rights, or in the event of the death of the parent or their spouse and the other biological parent);
  • The Child and their other relatives who are a first, second, or third degree relative (typically older full blood related siblings, older half-blood related siblings, great-grandparents).

If you are considering the adoption a child, or the adoption of a relative, make sure you are well informed regarding your legal rights, options, the legal process you will have to go through.

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