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General Family Law Information

Topic: Child Support

Child support is a payment made to the parent, or other court ordered individual, in which a child (or children) primarily resides. This payment is provided by the parent which does not have primary custody. Child support, by law, is meant to be used exclusively for the well being of the child. This includes clothing, food, shelter, and other essential financial needs of the child.

The federal government requires all states to adopt child support guidelines. Generally, the formula includes taking into consideration:

  • Child custody arrangements;
  • How much parenting time each parent has;
  • The income of the parents;
  • Total number of children involved;
  • Unusual medical expenses;
  • Day care expenses;
  • And insurance, among other factors.

The result of the computation is called the "child support amount", which can be adjusted by the court based on several unusual items.

The child support guidelines compute the financial responsibility of each parent taking into consideration respective incomes, out of pocket insurance premiums for the parent and the child(ren), child care expense, and other variables allowed by statute.  The traditional non-custodial parent will pay his/her share to the traditional custodial parent who is absorbing the day to day essential expenses of the child that the child support guidelines were enacted to address.

When circumstances exist which may affect the amount of child support needed to care for the child (or children), or the ability to pay the court ordered amount of child support, you may petition the court for a hearing to seek a post-judgment child support modification to the standing court order. In order for the court to change the standing child support court order, the one requesting the modification must show cause for a modification to be granted.

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